Salina Wood Effect Porcelain Tile

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Introducing “Salina” Wood Effect Porcelain Tiles – the perfect fusion of nature and versatility. Embrace the beauty of wood in a modern way with our small, plank-like tiles, available in a range of colors. The “Salina” collection brings the rustic charm of wood to your space without compromising on the durability of porcelain. Whether you prefer classic oak or a contemporary walnut, these tiles offer a timeless aesthetic. Elevate your design with the authentic look and feel of wood, tailored to your style. “Salina” – where nature-inspired elegance meets endless possibilities.


Size (mm) 593 x 98 x 9.5mm


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Unveil Timeless Elegance with Salina Wood Effect Porcelain Tiles

Introducing our Salina Wood Effect Porcelain Tiles, a perfect blend of natural wood beauty and the enduring strength of porcelain. These small, plank-like tiles are designed to bring the rustic charm and warmth of wood into any space, offering both aesthetic appeal and unmatched versatility.

Discover the Natural Beauty of Wood

The Salina collection is meticulously crafted to mimic the intricate textures and patterns of real wood, available in a spectrum of colors from classic oak to contemporary walnut. Each tile measures 593 x 98 x 9.5mm, capturing the essence of wood planks with precision, while ensuring the practical benefits of porcelain. This includes superior durability and resistance to wear, making Salina tiles ideal for both residential and commercial environments.

Versatility in Design

Salina Wood Effect Tiles are incredibly versatile, suitable for a variety of applications including flooring, walls, and even bathroom installations. Their unique size and authentic appearance make them a superb choice for creating a cohesive look throughout your home or for adding a focal point in specific areas. Whether you’re aiming for a traditional feel or a more modern aesthetic, these tiles adapt to your design needs, enhancing the overall ambiance of your interiors.

Durability Meets Style

Not only do these tiles offer the timeless look of wood, but they also provide the resilience required for high-traffic areas. The porcelain material ensures that your floors or walls will withstand the test of time, resisting stains, scratches, and moisture. This makes the Salina Wood Effect Tiles an excellent choice for busy spaces like kitchens and bathrooms, where both beauty and functionality are essential.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

The Salina Wood Effect Porcelain Tiles are as easy to install as they are to maintain. Their uniform size allows for straightforward laying, and their porcelain composition means they can be cleaned effortlessly with standard cleaning products. This ease of maintenance ensures that your tiles will continue to look pristine for years to come, with minimal effort required.

Elevate your interior design with the Salina Wood Effect Porcelain Tiles, where the elegance of nature-inspired wood meets the practicality and durability of porcelain. Experience the authentic look and feel of wood, tailored to fit your style and space requirements.

Weight17.825 kg

Salina Antharicite, Salina Blue, Salina Green, Salina Pink, Salina Taupe, Salina White


Natural Angle


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