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Discover the perfect foundation for your shower space with our versatile range of shower trays. At Natural Angle, we understand the importance of both functionality and style in bathroom design. Our collection offers an array of sizes and shapes, including the popular square, rectangular, and quadrant options, catering to bathrooms of all dimensions. Whether you’re designing a compact shower area or a spacious walk-in, our trays range from 700mm to 1700mm+ to accommodate every need. Emphasize quality and durability; our trays are crafted from premium materials like acrylic, slate effect, and stone resin, ensuring long-lasting performance. With options like low-profile trays for a sleek, modern look or deeper variants for extra water retention, our range meets diverse design preferences. Each tray features a beautiful finish and robust construction, providing a reliable and stylish base for your shower enclosure.

Baddesley Shower Tray 1200 x 900
£285.00 Excl. VAT
Baddesley Shower Tray 1400 x 800
£286.00 Excl. VAT
Baddesley Shower Tray 1400 x 900
£308.00 Excl. VAT
Baddesley Shower Tray 900 x 900
£235.00 Excl. VAT