Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles

Porcelain and ceramic tiles: Longevity, style and low maintenance

Though tile has always been the preferred flooring or wall covering material for wet areas, it can do a wonderful job by keeping any room of the house cleaner from dust and allergens. It does not attract or harbour lint, mould, fungus spores, dust particles and pet dander. Ceramic tiles require little effort on your part to remove anything that lands on their surface – be that dirt, spills, stains or any tiny particles that can provoke an allergic reaction. Just wipe clean or mop them up – staying on top of cleaning is much easier with porcelain and ceramic tiles.

These are only some of the reasons ceramic tiles are used not just for mudrooms, kitchen backsplashes and bathrooms. A variety of layout options, design patterns, glaze colours and finishes make ceramic tile-work an elegant flooring or feature wall option for living rooms and bedrooms as well. Just take a look at Natural Angle’s ceramic tile store collection to see how far technology has come since the subway tile era.

Any surface in your home can become an ideal canvas for tile artistry. You can buy porcelain tiles that mimic marble, wood grains and metal for a perfect balance of style and enduring elegance. Get the sophisticated look of high-end materials on a budget with hard-wearing properties for withstanding high traffic and water infiltration. The dynamic features of tile-work are almost infinite when creating patterns, combinations and a certain aesthetic or mood.

The best your home can get

Natural Angle is the ultimate destination for state-of-the-art products to dress up any space and innovate it with custom designs and patterns. Our porcelain tiles for sale include convincing reproductions of speechless beauty:

  • Natural stone
  • Metallic surfaces
  • Wood planks (can be installed in a herringbone or parquet pattern)
  • Vintage patterns, patina and aged material surfaces
  • Brick textures 

Whether you’d like your home to retain its vintage character or to give it a contemporary or industrial look, choose from the best tiles featured in Natural Angle collections. If you are uncomfortable with this kind of ceramic tile shopping, visit our showroom to explore the beauty of tile shades, finishes and glaze textures.

Buy ceramic tiles online for indoor and outdoor renovations

Whether you need inspiration or something that coordinates with your space, we’ll find a solution to cover all renovation or remodel project needs for indoor or outdoor locations. Viewing Natural Angle ceramic tiles online means choosing products created by the finest tile-makers in a range of glazes and sizes to:

  • Complement any home style
  • Complete your underfloor heating project
  • Create a variety of classic and artistic patterns
  • Add authenticity and charm to projects inspired by specific historical periods

But there’s more at Natural Angle as a ceramic tile store to bring your dream vision to life. We offer bespoke design services. So, if any part of your house poses specific design or installation challenges, let us adjust your tile-work to the desired result.

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