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Discover the charm and durability of solid wood flooring at Natural Angle. Our range features various hardwoods, including oak, hickory, ash, and acacia. Each type brings its unique appeal to your space. Solid wood floors stand out for their robustness and timeless appeal. They are an investment in both style and practicality.

Our collection offers diverse shades and finishes. From the warmth of hand-scraped oak to sleek, glossy options, we cater to different tastes and designs. Solid wood flooring suits living rooms, dining areas, and bedrooms beautifully. It’s not ideal for high-moisture areas like bathrooms due to water sensitivity. However, with proper care, it can work well in kitchens.

A key advantage of solid wood flooring is its refinishing potential. You can refinish these floors multiple times, extending their life and refreshing their look. This flexibility makes solid wood an excellent choice for those seeking natural elegance in their home.

This type of flooring not only adds aesthetic value to your home but also offers practical benefits. It’s a long-lasting solution that can adapt to various interior styles. Whether you prefer a classic or modern look, our wood flooring range meets your needs. Choose Natural Angle for flooring that combines beauty with resilience.

Luxury oak wood flooringLuxury oak wood flooring
£66.98 Excl. VAT
Luxury oak wood flooringLuxury oak wood flooring
£64.98 Excl. VAT