Kitchen Worktops

Add value to your home with stone worktops expertly crafted to augment your kitchen. We offer a wide range of kitchen worktop materials including natural marble,  granite, onyx, engineered quartz and porcelain. We only use the finest materials, each piece carefully selected. Our clients will be able to visit our warehouse and personally select the material of their choice. Our expert team will then template, cut, polish and install your work surface using the latest machinery to achieve the perfect vision.

To discuss ideas, concepts or current projects, please contact Natural Angle on +44 (0)1273 121921 or email: for a bespoke quote.

Choose your worktop material…

Unearth the beauty of quartz worktops

Work surfaces in the kitchen or bathroom require tough materials. They must be long-lasting, withstand temperature changes and moisture and be easy to care for. Engineered quartz worktops tick all the boxes to address each of these tasks. They are prized for utmost durability – and because they are non-porous – they are a trending option for places where hygiene is a concern.

Whether you are a busy family or just love cooking, an engineered quartz tabletop by Natural Angle is the best compliment for your kitchen. Don’t wait to give it.

Let your perfect quartz worktop for sale show off its benefits

Quartz is one of the most rigid materials on Earth. But its resilience aside, genuine beauty is put in the spotlight with this mineral. At Natural Angle, a supplier of quartz worktops, we get raw geodes to undergo a process called ‘quartz overlay,’ where crushed stone is bonded to a substrate using pressure and heat. This creates a luxurious surface that can win your heart with a mix of colours and styles, from subtle marble-like designs to bold patterns. 

Since quartz tabletops are available in a diversity of finishes – from matte to glossy sparkles – you can get creative when designing your dream kitchen. And we won’t get in the way.

For practical features, quartz is touted in UK homes because:

It doesn’t absorb bacteria nor let mould grow, which can be a significant bonus if you have allergies or sensitive skin.
It’s heat-resistant, so you can put hot pans on it without worrying about damaging the surface.
All countertops made of this material – including cheap quartz worktops – are maintenance-free and resist spills and stains.
It always looks spotless.

Visit one of our showrooms to see numerous samples and patterns to get an idea of what the final result will look like in your kitchen.

The cost of a quartz worktop: Get the best deal from Natural Angle

When it comes to updating your kitchen, you are in for the best. You want a reliable supplier and top-tier materials for an exciting design project. Natural Angle is always willing to evaluate your ideas and suggest the perfect offer at a friendly price. 

The quartz worktop costs can vary depending on material thickness, the surface size and the job’s complexity. When investing in your tabletop, remember to factor in all quartz’s benefits, including its strength, longevity and luxurious elegance.

Give your kitchen a new luxury element. Give it a quartz worktop at a price that will delight you!

Granite worktops for your dream kitchen

If you are on the verge of giving your kitchen a makeover, granite should be at the top of your list. It is a natural material that has been used for kitchen tabletops for centuries. It’s quarried in different parts of the world and is rich in colours, including black, white, grey, brown and green. This diversity makes it possible to present granite worktops for sale in such a versatile range replete with something that fits all kitchen styles.

Once picked, a granite tabletop will bring upscale elegance to your kitchen for years.

Granite kitchen worktops: The upgrade you can’t help but treasure

In addition to colour variations that can give a head start to any kitchen makeover project, granite countertops have come into vogue for many other reasons: 

Because they are natural, small and cheap granite worktops, as well as larger ones, are eco-friendly and sustainable.
They don’t require any treatment or sealants since they don’t release harmful toxins into your home.
The material is incredibly tough and hard-wearing, which is why it’s excellent for kitchens used by many people.
Granite is heat-resistant and scratch-proof, so you don’t have to worry about hot pots put on it or knives, forks or other utensils damaging the surface.

Cleaning these countertops with standard dish soap is a safe and effective way to keep them looking their best.

When buying a granite worktop, browse through the numerous hues and patterns that granite brings and think about:

What kind of ambience you’re trying to achieve. From there, you can be guided through shades, styles and hues.
What kind of accessories and furniture you’ll be using in your kitchen. That’s how you can imagine whether your countertop will contrast or blend with your other essentials.

Whether your new kitchen tabletop should share the same style as your other countertops (like bathroom ones).
Granite worktop sales make any home makeover idea achievable

In terms of quality and lifespan, granite is a worthwhile investment. Crafted by our skilful masters, prime-quality granite worktops, both cheap and more expensive designs, can last for centuries. You’ll get your money’s worth out of bringing such an eternal addition to your kitchen. 

For deals, advice and incentive programmes, pop into our showrooms. That’s where you can compare Natural Angle’s granite worktops by cost, appearance and pairing potential. It’s a wise move to get clued up on design and material combinations that work for granite and identify the best pick for your kitchen.

Make your kitchen look grand with top-drawer marble worktops

The UK’s most honourable families have been dining at marble tables for centuries. A marble stone worktop can add a touch of aristocracy and grandeur to your kitchen, even if there’s no expensive furniture. Natural Angle rethinks centuries-old traditions and comes up with fresh ideas for the king of stones – marble – so that your cooking and dining areas look elegant.

When installing a marble kitchen worktop, be prepared that it can rearrange your kitchen’s entire ambience. There is no substitute for marble surfaces when it comes to natural beauty and nobility. The veining of the stone gives each piece its extraordinary look, and the polished finish makes your cooking area upper-class.

Why choose marble worktops

It makes no sense to elaborate on why marble is an ideal all-round material for any kitchen. This is something you get once you see it. But what you may not know is that marble is also:

Impressively durable to maintain your kitchen’s splendour for centuries
Slightly porous but doesn’t let spills seep in
Entirely heat-resistant 
Easy to keep impeccably clean 

When a kitchen marble worktop makes it into your cooking or dining space, the king of materials unseals its noble power. It encourages you to think and talk about something else – non-trivial, eternal and treasured.

Marble worktop costs that are far from upmarket

While the price tag for any marble tabletop is somewhat higher than other countertop materials, it is still surprisingly affordable. The cost of marble worktops depends on the size and thickness of the slab, the type of finish, the edge profile, additional elements, unique shaping and other factors. We invite you to visit our showroom, where you can see and feel your countertop (or a raw slab). 

Choose the surface and texture that resonate with you. Before diving deep into the marble worktop price, keep your eyes open for all the aesthetic magic of this material. The subtle visual variations can add an exciting touch to your kitchen. The longer you look at your piece, the more gradients you’ll notice, from white and grey to blue, yellow and green. 

You can also find pieces with distinctive veins running through them, giving them an even more unique look. If you are instantly attached to them, our team will advise you on how to use them to enhance your home style.

We are here to help make your kitchen your pride and joy – with no sky-high marble worktop prices to pay.