About Us

Natural Angle – Where Earth becomes Art

Our sustainable values

Since our foundation in 2006, our love for the natural world has been at the heart of everything we do.

At Natural Angle, the highest quality building materials for your projects are sourced from sustainable businesses. By also ensuring that our suppliers treat all employees fairly, you can be confident of getting the most sustainable and ethical solutions for your home.

Luxury and sustainability for your home to suit any budget

Keeping your costs down

Providing you with luxurious quality at affordable prices is a priority for us. How do we do it?

  • With our wholesale background, we choose, purchase and import our products directly from their source. Because of this, we define a pricing structure that is more affordable than other suppliers

  •  Solar panels and recycled water power all of our warehouse machinery

  • Natural Angle Products are designed here in the UK

Your vision is our passion

Our team of experts thrive on bringing your vision to life. We love to hear about what you want to achieve, and we fit our advice to offer the best quality and most suitable products for wherever you live, work or play. 

Our Story

Hi, I’m Reis Emre, and together with my wife, Nalan Emre, we own and run Natural Angle.

From a very young age I developed a passion for Nature. I love spending time outdoors and being surrounded by natural products indoors. Over the years I developed an innate passion for working with building materials sourced directly from the earth.

In the 1990s, I started to work on property renovations. Using natural wood and stone drove me to create my own business, where I could choose where my products came from and how ethically sourced they were.

In 2006, Natural Angle was finally born. Alongside my wife Nalan, we created our own business, helping home builders produce properties rooted in nature. 

As our expertise grew, we expanded our services to include a full consultation and design service. If you need help to renovate, extend or build a home from the ground up, we are here for you. 

We have a large selection of products in our Warehouse in Ansty, Haywards Heath. This is where we supply everything needed to realise your vision – from tiles, wood flooring, slabs for worktops to, water-saving taps and full kitchens. We even provide a range of environmentally friendly adhesives for any surface. You can browse our extensive range of products in our newly opened showroom in Hove and our website.

We love learning what new products and technologies are available and bringing this knowledge to you, our customer. Our product range continuously expands to include more water and energy-saving innovations.

Living our values

In 2016, we built our own energy-efficient home to Passive House Standards Plus. Our timber frame home was built using non-toxic and natural materials like magnesium board, natural stone, wood and metal. Recycled paper and sheep’s wool insulate our rooms, and solar panels heat our home and water.

Our mission is to use only renewable supplies for all our needs and to help others do the same. Because of this, we offer tours of our home – by appointment only – for home builders and renovators to learn what is possible. 

Here is a beautiful quote from Nalan, which sums up our ethos and which I stand by 100%:

Every choice we make in life, from home to business, from feeding our bodies to raising our children, we always look at life from nature’s perspective – from a natural angle!

Nalan Emre, Managing Partner of Natural Angle and Founder & Managing Director of Natural Angle Sustainable Living.

Start your journey

 Share your vision with us, and we will help you make it real:

  • Why not drop in at our showroom in Hove

  • Make an appointment to see and feel our tiles and paving slabs at our warehouse in Ansty, Haywards Heath 

  • Call or email us if you can’t make it to us in person. Our team of experts are always keen to answer any questions you have. 

  • Feel free to browse and buy directly from our website

  • Our home is also a showroom for anyone planning a sustainable living project.                                                                                                                 

If this is you, we would love to show you what we have done. Contact us to discuss your vision, and we can arrange a time to show you around.

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