Temporal Grey Outdoor Porcelain

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Introducing Temporal Grey – where modernity meets a timeless aesthetic in a 20mm porcelain tile that redefines outdoor elegance! Elevate your exterior design with the contemporary allure of these textured grey tiles. Temporal Grey brings a sense of depth and character, creating an outdoor space that resonates with both style and endurance. The textured finish adds a touch of sophistication, mimicking the passage of time etched in every tile. Crafted with a sturdy 20mm thickness, these tiles not only withstand the elements but elevate your outdoor retreat to a new level of visual intrigue. Redefine your outdoor story with the nuanced, textured charm of Temporal Grey – where every step is a journey through the layers of modern outdoor living.

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Temporal Grey is the best-selling porcelain in the UK and it’s perfect for making a style statement in all sorts of outdoor areas.

This porcelain benefits from low-maintenance and highly durable Porcelain Paving! With a slip-resistance rating of R11,
Our porcelain tiles will retain their grip underfoot, even when wet, and as a non-porous stone, they won’t allow moisture to penetrate the surface which will help to prevent any build-up of moss or algae, saving you time and money!


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Tile Size Variation

600 x 600 | 21.6 m² Pack | 40 Pcs Per Pack | £279.72, 600 x 900 | 21.6 m² | 40 Pcs Per Pack | £291.60


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