Black Rectangular Mirror 700 x 500mm

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Unleash the future of reflection with our Black Frame Rectangular Mirror—a game-changer in contemporary elegance and smart functionality. This mirror doesn’t just reflect, it captivates with a sleek black frame and a cutting-edge design. The integrated motion sensor takes your experience to a whole new level, activating a soft cool white glow of fully diffused LEDs for a flawless ambiance. No more foggy moments with the built-in demister pad, while the infra-red sensor control adds a touch of magic to your daily routine. Elevate your space with a mirror that’s not just a reflection but a statement of modern luxury and convenience.

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Enhance Your Space with Style and Innovation

Discover the epitome of modern elegance with the Black Rectangular Mirror 700 x 500mm. Designed for those who seek sophistication and functionality in every detail, this mirror elevates any room with its contemporary aesthetics and state-of-the-art features.

Sleek Design Meets Advanced Technology

The sleek black frame of our mirror offers a minimalist appeal that complements any decor, making it a versatile addition to your home. Whether in the bathroom, hallway, or bedroom, it brings a touch of refined style. The dimensions of 700 x 500mm ensure it is perfectly sized for various spaces, providing a functional yet decorative element.

Intelligent Features for a Luxurious Experience

This isn’t just any mirror; it’s a technological marvel equipped with fully diffused LEDs that emit a cool white glow. The integrated motion sensor activates the lighting, enhancing visibility and creating an enchanting ambiance. The built-in demister pad ensures the mirror remains clear, even in steamy environments, allowing for a pristine reflection at all times.

Effortless Control and Energy Efficiency

Control is seamless with the infra-red sensor, allowing you to activate features without touching the mirror—ideal for maintaining hygiene and convenience. The energy-efficient LED lights not only provide excellent illumination but also help reduce your electricity consumption, making this mirror a smart choice for environmentally conscious users.

Elevate your daily routine and transform your space with the Black Rectangular Mirror. It’s not just a mirror—it’s an experience that brings luxury and technology right to your fingertips.

Dimensions700 × 500 × 63 mm

Natural Angle


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