Why is it important to seal natural stone tiles?

Sealing is crucial for reducing absorption and maintaining the appearance of stone tiles.

How often should natural stone tiles be resealed?

Resealing frequency varies based on usage and exposure, typically ranging from 18 months to 5 years.

What are the recommended methods for cleaning stone tiles before sealing?

The article suggests specific pre-cleaning methods, which are essential for effective sealing.

Can natural stone tiles be used externally?

Yes, but there are specific considerations for external stone usage highlighted in the article.

What are the best practices for storing and dry-laying stone tiles?

Proper storage and dry-laying are important for preserving the quality of stone tiles, with details provided in the article.

Understanding Natural Stone: Natural stone tiles, with their unique characteristics, add a timeless elegance to any space. However, they require specific care to maintain their natural beauty. Proper handling and installation are crucial for achieving the best aesthetic and longevity.

Dry-Laying and Storage: Prior to installation, it’s important to ‘dry-lay’ the tiles. This process involves arranging the tiles to ensure a pleasing blend of colors and patterns. Store damp tiles in a well-ventilated area to allow thorough drying.

Pre-Cleaning: Preparing the surface is key. Use a high-quality stone cleaning product to remove surface dirt, dust, and quarry residues. After cleaning, allow the tiles to dry for a minimum of 24 hours.

Sealing: All stone tiles are porous, making sealing a critical step. It reduces natural absorption and maintains the stone’s appearance. Choose sealers like APEX for their compatibility with natural stone. Remember, sealing might slightly alter the color of the tiles and grout. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the best results.

Maintenance: Regular maintenance ensures the longevity and beauty of your natural stone tiles. Clean spills promptly and use recommended cleaning products.

External Stone Considerations: When it comes to external stone, the decision to seal depends on your preference. Sealers provide a barrier against moisture and stains, but some may choose to let the stone age naturally.

Resealing Frequency: The frequency of resealing varies based on traffic and exposure. In general, reseal every 18 months to 5 years, depending on the specific conditions and usage.

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